The Hallmark of Quality is the oldest and most trusted brand of Canadian diamonds. We have been providing Canadian diamonds since 1998 before any other Canadian diamond supplier. We are the first company to market using the CanadaMark certificate of origin and are the first Canadian company to be audited and certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council.

Our umbrella company has been in the diamond business since 1978. It was the first company in Canada to adopt G.I.A grading standards. The Hallmark of Quality has graded consistently to this original standard even though we believe current G.I.A standards are not as strict.

We work with the most sophisticated equipment and train our gemologists to a more consistent standard than current G.I.A. certificates. It is important to understand that there are many variations within each G.I.A. colour and clarity grade. For example, there are top SI1 diamonds and weaker SI1 diamonds; better and worse diamonds fall into the same general SI1 category. So, current G.I.A standards allow for good SI1’s and bad SI1’s; in our opinion, a bad G.I.A. SI1 is an SI2 and so with each grading category.

We are specialists in the Canadian diamond business… not only supplying better grading but only supplying top cut diamonds with extremely white colours (mainly D/E/F). We believe that cut and colour are the most important of the 4 C’s of diamond grading; because these elements can be seen without magnification. We are diamond specialists and take great pleasure in supplying only the best. We get personally involved in grading our diamonds and only sell diamonds graded to standards that we would be happy to buy for our personal use.

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