How We Buy & How We Grade

I’d like you to know more about the Hallmark of Quality. To understand how we buy and see how we grade.

First and foremost every single diamond that we sell has been graded at least 5 times. It is understood that the accepted grading standard is the GIA standard. We select from large quantities of GIA certified diamonds and reject 19 out of 20 GIA certified diamonds. I want to make this clear, the diamonds that we reject come with GIA certificates and the diamonds that we select come with a GIA certificates. We chose the cream of the GIA.

The Hallmark of Quality simply sells a better diamond. How we accomplish this. We consider the initial grading of our diamonds to be done by the GIA. The GIA certificate is usually made at the request of the cutting house. We visit cutters all over the world. We sort through thousands of GIA diamonds discussing, comparing and selecting the best GIA certified diamonds. This selection is the first stage in the preparation of the Regal grading standard.

In Vancouver our gemologist examine each diamond under microscope at 20 power magnification and check for agreement with the GIA gradings. Their signature will appear on our “Hallmark of Quality” Canadian diamond certificate. Finally, the stones are returned to me, the owner of the company, and I check each stone again for weight and clarity and again once more for colour using master set and colorimeter. If any stone needs further discussion; it is at this point that the gemologists and myself must agree on all quality aspects. If there is any disagreement the stone is downgraded. That is why you will sometimes see a higher GIA report beside a lower Hallmark of Quality grade.

At this point each stone is taken to the Megascope, where the cut grade is compared to the GIA certificate (using GIA facetware). This process is in preparation for us to create our “Hallmark of Quality” Canadian certificate. Finally, the stone is taken for lasering. The Hallmark is applied to the girdle of each select diamond. As you can see, our “Hallmark” really does stand for a special diamond! Even the paper is specially prepared with the distinctive “Hallmark” emblems. The care we take with our diamonds is second to none.

Each member of our team is committed to quality and service. We represent the “The Hallmark of Quality” the best Canadian diamond in the world! Guaranteed!