What Makes Our Grading Different?

All diamonds sold by Hallmark of Quality are graded in house; we do not use outside laboratories. The purveyors of the Hallmark of Quality have maintained a consistent recognizable standard of grading for 32 years. There has been much talk about international laboratories changing standards. The Hallmark of Quality is aware that international certificates have changed the severity of their grading standards. A Gemologist may be trained by the foremost laboratory in America to a standard that is higher than that institute uses for its own certificates. There are good certificates and bad certificates. Often, there are variations in the quality of certificates originating from the same well-recognized laboratory.

The Hallmark of Quality has not varied from those standards in 30 years, although it seems that our teachers have altered their standards. We have the most sophisticated laboratory and equipment available. Our gemologists are trained to grade using the simple motto that if they personally would be unhappy buying a particular diamond at a certain grade than that grade must be wrong. There are good VS2s and there are bad VS2s; a bad VS2 is an SI1.