The Brand

A diamond is the hardest mineral known to man and one of the hardest materials to brand. Most consumers consider a diamond a diamond. We pay special attention to making our Canadian diamonds different from all other generic or Canadian diamonds.

The “Hallmark of Quality” does not view a diamond as a commodity like a bar of gold. We believe that each diamond is unique and deserves immense attention to detail.

Our brand starts with the CanadaMark guarantee of origin and then is truly defined by our more than complete attention to detail.

The CanadaMark is an audited tracking system that monitors a Canadian diamond from mine to consumer. The CanadaMark is the most recognized and accountable diamond tracking program in existence. Every “Hallmark of Quality” Canadian diamond is accompanied by a CanadaMark certificate of origin.

The first ingredient of our brand is Canadian origin. The second ingredient is our attention to detail. The detail is in the grading and every “Hallmark of Quality” Canadian diamond has passed through at least five stages of grading.

Most diamond consumers understand that a G.I.A. certificate is the accepted standard for diamond grading. We consider the GIA certificate as our first stage of grading. We select Canadian diamonds that have already been G.I.A. certified and then reject 19 out of 20 G.I.A. certified Canadian diamonds. In other words we only provide the cream of the G.I.A.

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